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Fine Art Courses At-Home

Helping you through your artistic journey to unleash your own creative spirit.

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Build Your Artistic Confidence

Studio H online classes provide a unique teaching experience. We break down each specific artistic medium and specific project into an easy to follow step-by-step process while your instructor gives detailed visual and audio accounting of the techniques used. Ever been frustrated in an online class that you can’t quite see around the instructor’s hand to better understand exactly what they are doing? Our videography is second to none. This allows us to offer you high quality video tutorials with multiple camera angles and sizing windows to provide the best possible learning experience.


We offer thoughtful instruction for beginner-to-skilled artists of every age. We strive to provide a place purely for self-expression, individuality, and creativity as we guide every student through their artistic journey. Go at your own pace and let your creativity flow. Art is a never-ending adventure - let us be your guide!

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